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FAQ for E4

Q: How to download the APP?
A: Scan the QR code which is on the package(do not use wechat to scan), then you can download the APP directly. Or you can search “ESYB” directly in APP store and download it.

Q: How to connect E4 to APP in phone?
A: Please download E4 APP first, open the APP then click the Bluetooth icon at the top right corner to connect E4 charger.

Q: Can it charge 26650 batteries?
A: Yes, E4 can charge 26650 batteries in slot1 and slot4.

FAQ for S6

Q: What's the max charging current?
A: 1A in the 1st and 6th slot.

Q: What kind of batteries can it  charge at one time ?
A: It can charge six different kind of batteries at the same time.

Q: How to know the power?
A: The blue LED lights indicate the power of the corresponding battery.

FAQ for M2

Q: What's the max charging current?
A: 2A

Q: Can it charge 26650 battery?
A: No