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ESYB E4 Bluetooth CC, CV Intelligent Charger

The development of electronic cigarettes has taken a huge step forward, and now need to further improve public acceptance. Electronic cigarettes can also help people quit smoking. There are conclusions show that the risk of new electronic cigarette is 95% less than conventional cigarettes, that is basically harmless. It is well known that battery is the most important part of the electronic cigarette equipment, provided power to the main equipment, used to heat the heating wire, let atomizer work. However, many users only care about the battery is good or bad, but ignore that the battery charger is also particularly important. A good charger not only can maximize the performance of the battery, but also effectively extend the using life.

Shenzhen ESYB Technology Limited, was established in 2004, and is Located in Guangdong, Shenzhen. It is a high-tech enterprise of research and development, production and sales. Products are widely used in electronic cigarette, flashlight, military, scientific research, resource exploration, medical instrumentation, high-power lighting, wireless walkie-talkies and other fields. Our products have been exported to Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, etc. ESYB has become a stable partner of SANYO, Panasonic, SONY, LG, Samsung and other well-known brands.

ESYB E4 is a 4-slot Bluetooth smart charger for electronic cigarette batteries, flashlight batteries and other electronic devices. It also has activation function for Li-ion batteries with protection board. Accessories include charger body, adapter, user manual, warranty card and sticker.

E4 smart charger with a 2.1-inch LCD display screen. It can display battery details, such as voltage, current, charge completion, charging time, charging model, charging status and so on.

It has independent button of each slot. There are corresponding maximum current value carved in the bottom of each slot. Dual battery mode requires 1A current charge, needs to put the two batteries in the middle of the two slots.

Positive top plate, raised design to support the concave head battery and protuberance battery with protection board. 4-slot negative spring rod, stainless steel, a single point of protruding design, good workmanship, sliding feel smooth without jamming. Mainstream specifications battery compatibility test, slot 1 and slot 4 are bigger so we can put 26650 batteries in.

The information on the back indicates that support a variety of batteries and output voltage and current. At the bottom is the FCC-ID certification. FCC-ID is a mandatory certification in the United States for wireless products.
The top four rows are heat sinks.

Ordinary charger has generally constant current or constant voltage single function. With constant current charging to control the time, cut off the power, can easily lead to insufficient charge or overcharge; with constant voltage charging, when the start charging, because the battery voltage is relatively low, the battery charging current is too harmful to the battery. E4 CC, CV charger learns from each other. At the beginning of constant current charging, when the battery voltage rises to a certain value, it changes into a constant voltage charging.

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more devices can support mobile phone APP control, such as smart cameras, smart home systems, intelligent rice cookers, etc; E4 smart charger also introduced the Bluetooth APP function, through a Bluetooth connection to a smart phone or tablet computer, you can view rechargeable battery curve information in the mobile terminal, you can also real-time control to adjust the charging current and battery type and other functions. (Details of the graph information)

I have been using Xtar VC4 charger before I use ESYB E4. Once upon a time, I organized to carry the charging equipment. I thought if there is USB discharge function of VC4, that would be great. When I know the E4 charger comes with USB discharge function, it really shines, as much as amazing degree of Bluetooth APP function. E4 charger in the case of the installation of four lithium batteries can be used as a power bank for mobile phones, IPAD, SLR cameras and other electronic equipment. After the test, discharge voltage and current output is 5V1A, safe and stable.

In our minds, the battery is a very fragile thing, often because of over-charging or battery reverse lead to damage and can not be used. Now most of the chargers are with charging and battery reverse polarity protection function. E4 is no exception, when the battery reverse or short circuit, the charging current is zero, and the display will prompt NULL. After the completion of the charge , if you forget to disconnect the power, E4 smart charger will automatically stop charging after completion of the charge to prevent overcharge to cause battery damage and explosion. Although the use of regulators has been very stable, it does not rule out the special situation. E4 charger has the charger over-current, over-voltage protection to ensure maximum safety of the charging device.

Now people pay attention to tool reuse, so I hope manufacturers can replace the power cord into separate charging. It is easy to carry.

ESYB E4 is with high quality, solid materials, good design of the appearance and screen perception, support compatible battery types almost meet all my charging needs, no longer need a battery with a separate charger. It also can charge a number of batteries one time to save your time. In the emergency situation, it can act as a power bank, and discharge stability can support a variety of electronic equipment charging. Also suggested that manufacturers replace the LCD screen with a negative LCD screen, all-round perspective of high degree of visibility, and will not cause light pollution. Interested friends can buy an E4 smart charger for your loved equipment.